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Bin the Bunny Trilogy

Playboy operates several porn-channels in the UK. Playboy often refers to women as ‘bitches’, ‘sluts’ and ‘whores’, and markets their pornography with language that implies coercion and violence against women. Playboy Enterprises profits from the exploitation and degradation of women and girls.

Playboy merchandise such as pencil cases and single duvet covers are targeted to appeal to pre-teen and teenage girls. Playboy Enterprises is grooming girls as consumers of a porn brand and promoting the Playmate and Playboy bunny as something for young women and girls to aspire to.

Women and girls have the right to be treated with respect and dignity, and live free from discrimination. What Playboy offers women and girls are damaging, stereotyped sex roles that promote women’s inequality. Don’t accept Playboy’s lies about who you are and what your purpose is in life.

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19 responses

  1. Its really great to see some anti-porn messages out here. But violence is violence and so I was disappointed to see the use of violence in this youtube clip… I will definitely agree that Playboy needs to be gotten rid of. A non-violent, woman-loving feminist getting rid of, however, is preferable.

  2. I appreciate your concerns, but the ‘violence’ in the Rabbit films is very much cartoon and symbolic, we are not in any way advocating attacking anyone!

  3. Of course you were not advocating violence in terms of attacking anyone. I am sorry that this is what you have interpreted. I think you miss my point. I was merely trying to say that the idea behind violence – the very ideology that supports these systems – is perpetuated in the use of images. An example: Is “cartoon” and “symbolic” pornography any less pornography than that of “real” or “actual” practices of pornography?? It is violence whether it is symbolic or not, (as often violence is) (and I am not saying that I am exempt from this – I participate in violence every day of my life!). I still remain at a loss about how we practice feminism without using the tools of patriarchy. Violence is one such tool.

  4. Radfeminising makes a very sharp point; violence is a huge issue in this, which is fast-becoming a war, and that’s exactly what we’re all intent on stopping. That said, this is very much a revolution. We’re after equality and respect for all people, and this flies in the face of thousands of years (in some parts of the world) of patriarchal dogma. Anytime you want to change the status quo and take away power from someone already entrenched, you’re going to have to fight for it, metaphorically or literally.

    While I feel that peace is the meaning of life and humankind’s ultimate purpose, I also understand that sometimes even pacifists have to raise a fist to their oppressors. At least here, it’s in a cartoon.

  5. Great blog – thanks

  6. ignorancebarometer

    Have you seen the movie “The House Bunny?” It was really offensive. It was about a girl who didn’t grow up with a family and so she joined the Playboy Mansion to feel cared about. It is a comedy and she ended up turning a sorority of nerdy uncool girls into the typical “slutty” sexy model. They end up getting more boys into them by acting like the bunny. The ending doesn’t satisfy and it doesn’t ever really tell the viewers that this sort of thing is wrong in any appreciable way.

  7. I’ve seen quite a few young women wearing playboy hoodies or driving around with playboy seat-covers or stickers on the back of their cars, last month in the largest shopping centre in town a shop that sells bedding set up their window display to promote playboy quilt covers and pillows, right between the supermarket and the food court, all pink and fluffy appealing straight to girls, teens and young women. It has been mainstreamed so much so that you must be a prude if you don’t approve or go along with it. Well I love, love, love making love, uninhibited passionate love making with wild abandonment, it is one of my favourite consistent experiences as a human being. I am Pro-sex Anti-porn for many reasons, and I love your blog

  8. Hi Lilithrose,

    Thank you for your comment!

  9. I am not anti porn – but I am definately anti playboy and much nasty exploitative porn – and I do think there are other kinds – but I do muchly like this logo 🙂 playboy is deeply worrying and vile

  10. Well, as I’ve said multiple times on this blog already, I’ll believe in ‘better’ porn if and when I actually see it.

    Thank you for your comment.

  11. I am now.seeing playboy i never thought it was as it is untile i saw the root to the do not view woman as beautiful.they view em as objects and its not ok. I hate this world

  12. I agree about the porn industry but now we have a bigger problem. The internet. Turn your safe search filter off, look up images and videos. no one needs play boy anymore. its all there for the taking, massive scale rape,. child porn, you will see. its all right before your eyes. The government can easily turn the filters on but for some reason they will not.

  13. Hello and thank you for your comment. This page went up in 2008 (the first comment was in early 2009), when we were protesting outside the Playboy store in London, which closed down years ago. If you look at the rest of the blog, you will see there are plenty of posts about the things that concern you.

  14. Hi. Are you trying to get Playboy banned or do you think it should be banned?

  15. This is fucking bullshit,
    porn is good for you and your brain!
    it stimulates your brain to make new cells

  16. This comment is hilariously stupid.

    Even if it were true (and it’s not), the idea that the filmed rape and torture of women and children is justified so that men can ‘make new brain cells’ is pure male supremacism, it says that women and children are disposable chattel.

    I think this porn-sick dudebro may have read a few headlines and come to his own incorrect conclusions.

    In one study brain scans showed that in self-described ‘porn addicts’ the same parts of the brain light up as with drug addicts (although the whole area is not well researched yet, and it is up for debate as to whether the two types of ‘addiction’ are the same thing).

    ‘Reward centres’ of the brain ‘activating’ is not the same as ‘new brain cells’ growing, and even if it were, it would be new brain cells for addictive behaviour!

  17. playboy sucks

    [Four hours of fart noises]

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