QotD: ‘Choice’

From Yvonne Roberts, writing about surrogate motherhood, but applies equally well to the commodification of human beings through porn and prostitution:

Choice presupposes that we live in a society in which there are no serious differences in power, income and authority between individuals. And we don’t.

Also on this subject, the mp3 of the public lecture at the LSE ‘It’s my body and I’ll do what I Like with it’ Bodies as possessions and objects by Professor Anne Phillips, is available here (starts playing automatically).

One response

  1. A lot of these discussions remind me also of losing my daughter to adoption to a couple that had money, power, education, a marriage and many things I could compete with to offer my child.

    They paid thousands of dollars to the adoption agency— if they had offered me even a portion of that money it very well might have changed mycircumstances that made it feel very hard to parent. Plus adoption agencies ask you questions designed to make you feel bad about yourself and unqualified to raise a child.

    Anyway thanks for the blog, it’s very interesting stuff to think about. All humans should be protected from being exploited just because they are in a bad situation. The solution, I think, is to make sure we have supports in place to help women with emotional, psychological, and financial obstacles to having a stable source of income and support.

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