So do you hate sex workers?

Me on tumblr today:

6 responses

  1. Well done antiplodon! You always get it just right.
    Annette L

  2. Your explanation is very eloquent.

    This is very interesting in terms of trying to understand people who disagree with our point of view.

    I read what you’ve written and it seems you’ve made it very clear that you don’t hate sex workers, and yet they didn’t seem to get that. What are they seeing that I can’t?

    Is it the statement that prostitution is harmful to society at large perhaps? They believe women choose prostitution, therefore, to them, it is saying they are choosing to harm society? They then conclude you hate the women?

    It’s just baffling that so many feminists who seem to really care about women can’t see what we see.

  3. It’s so typical. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what you say, they’ll red what they want to. But that doesn’t take away from having said something in an excellent manner.

  4. I think it really is all about ‘identity’, they see ‘sex workers’ as a sexual minority who are under threat from sex-hating bigots.

    You can see the same thing in the defence of johns as a ‘sexual minority’:

  5. Also a huge lack of critical thinking skills, these people live in an echo chamber of mindless virtue signalling – I’ve had no reply to my points yet on tumblr!

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